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Learn About the Effects of Recurrent Decay

Even after you’ve had a tooth restored, decay can reappear through the same process that created the decay in the first place. This video shows how recurrent decay can affect a tooth if left untreated. Ask your dentist about your risk for recurrent decay- and keep your healthy smile for life!


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The Advantages of Using Implants to Replace a Missing Tooth


Replacing a single missing tooth with an implant has some big advantages. In addition to the cosmetic improvement to your smile, the implant supported abutment and crown can actually be more stable and can often outlast a fixed bridge. With implants, the teeth on either side of the space won’t be modified or filed down in any way, maintaining their previous healthy and stable condition.

In the instance where a patient has previously lost a tooth, the recommended treatment is often a single tooth implant. In the case of a tooth being planned for removal, sometimes the implant can be placed on that same day. If the temporary crown on the newly placed implant can be kept free from any biting forces, it can also be placed during the same dental appointment. The new implant must be kept free from biting forces to allow the newly placed implant to integrate solidly into the bone.

After the implant is firmly attached to the bone, a permanent crown is made from new impressions of the mouth. The crown is connected to the abutment, the part of the implant that joins the implant to the crown. The final result will look, feel and function much like your other natural teeth.  

Ask our doctors at Dental Design Studio if you would be a candidate for immediate temporization. An implant could be the right treatment option for you to replace a missing tooth. The results are a stronger, restored smile and excellent chewing function. 

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