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Treat Gum Disease with In-Office Procedure

gum disease

Scaling and Root Planing

Gum disease is a serious concern for your oral health. Left untreated, it can cause infection or even tooth loss. If found in the early stages, scaling and root planing are effective ways to non-surgically treat periodontal disease, right in your dentist’s office. If you are experiencing swollen, red, tender or bleeding gums, this procedure can give your gum tissue a chance to heal.

One great thing about scaling and root planing is that it’s a nearly painless procedure. Before the treatment begins, a local anesthetic is administered, which numbs the area. You won’t feel any pain during the procedure. Once the anesthetic takes effect, your hygienist will begin scaling and smoothing the roots of your teeth below the gum tissue. By cleaning the roots carefully and removing all signs of tartar, plaque, and toxins, your gums and soft tissues have the optimal chance to re-attach to your roots and get back to a state of good health.

Scaling and root planing also has a quick recovery time. After the procedure, you may experience some tenderness in the first few days, which should gradually subside. Your dentist will want you to have a follow-up appointment to ensure your gums are healing properly.

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