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A Dentist Visit You Will Actually Enjoy!


At Dental Design studio, we strive to make dentist visits as enjoyable as possible. Turns out, our patients think going to the dentist can actually be a great experience, and they graciously let us know in their reviews.



Patients as Friends

Dr. Spurlock and Dr. Whiteneck see patients as much more than just patients, but as friends – and we only want the best for you and your oral health!

This came through for a patient at a recent visit. “My appointments are like visits with old friends,” Bob wrote in his review.

Larutha commented, “From the front desk to the dental chair, I felt welcomed. The ladies in the office treat you as family. They come up with a plan that is best for your oral health but is fair to your wallet. Though it is “weird” to say that I enjoyed myself, I truly did. I’m looking forward to a continued relationship.

Gail feels that going to Dental Design Studio is “like going to a friend, thorough and gentle. They’re very concerned with making you comfortable.


Relaxed and Fun Atmosphere

The welcome feeling comes from our philosophy of caring for patients in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, treating each patient with individualized attention. We strive to make the entire experience one where you feel comfortable.

The staff is always very helpful and friendly from the moment you walk in the door. More importantly, the doctors, the hygienists, and assistants are wonderful! Going to the Dentist is a pleasant experience for us,” Melissa commented after her last visit.

Ann wrote in her review, “I’m always relaxed when I come in because of the wonderful care provided by all of the very professional staff, as well as the exceptional dentists themselves!

Diana commented, “Totally takes the stress out of going to the dentist!


A Dentist You Actually Enjoy Visiting

Our dentists both believe that a trip to the dentist should be personalized, comfortable, and as fun as possible. Although not many people look forward to the dentist, our patients have a different experience.

If a dentist visit can be described as enjoyable, this was it,” Charles commented.

Danielle had similar sentiment about her visit. “Everyone here is so beyond kind and they are so accommodating! They go above and beyond to treat you right. The dentist isn’t the most fun place to visit, but they make you enjoy your time here.

The care our patients receive keeps them coming back. Chesney has been coming to see Dr. Whiteneck for 20 years. “I actually drive 45 minutes for my appointments. I could find a Dentist closer, but I trust they will do the best for my teeth. They are a very friendly group. A lot a people hate going to the Dentist, but I love going to mine. They keep up with the latest technology in dentistry and their office is very clean and comfortable.


Latest Technology

We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of continuing education and the latest dental care techniques, to create healthy and happy smiles.

The staff at DDS is top notch and the technology is state of the art. The whole process is so efficient. My hygienist is so friendly, careful and experienced. I was in and out with x-rays, cancer screening, cleaning, polishing, fluoride and visit with the doctor in 50 minutes,” Greg shared about his last visit.

Cathleen was also impressed with the gentle touch. “Best dental experience I’ve ever had. The doctors, assistants & staff are all very friendly and caring. They helped me get my dental health on track with little pain and great expertise.

Take it directly from our patients: going to the dentist can be a pleasant experience with great results!



Please give us a call at (405) 321-6166 or complete the information below to request an appointment, and we’ll get back to you ASAP with available times. We take your dental concerns very seriously. If you have an urgent concern, let us know, and we’ll do everything possible to see you immediately.


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How Fluoride Can Improve your Teeth



WE ARE ALWAYS ON A QUEST FOR CAVITY PREVENTION. The good news is that there are many tools available to help fight tooth decay. Besides the obvious routine maintenance of brushing, flossing and regular checkups, another great option is topical fluoride treatments to help fight cavities.

Help Prevent Tooth Decay And Strengthens Teeth

Over time your teeth’s enamel will gain and lose minerals, and too much demineralization can weaken the tooth’s surface, leading to increased cavity risk. Not only does fluoride make your teeth more resistant to acid attacks and plaque, it also helps teeth re-mineralize faster.

Treatment Options

Dental Design Studio has a fluoride varnish treatment that has a couple of great benefits, besides being great for your teeth. It tastes great and we have several enticing flavors including bubble gum, mint, melon, caramel, and cherry. You can also eat or drink immediately after the treatment. Fluoride varnish is stronger and more effective than rinses or foam.

Is Fluoride right for you?

We used to only treat young people with fluoride treatments, but we now highly recommend the fluoride varnish treatment for all ages because of the increased use of soda and higher sugar amounts in foods. We have to work harder, and so do patients, to prevent decay, and fluoride treatments can help fight the effects increased acidity and sugar in our diets.

Some people are more prone to decay, either because of their diet, genetics or compromised cleaning. For those less susceptible to decay, a fluoride varnish at the end of their hygiene appointment is recommended. For other patients, with a higher decay rate, daily use of fluoride may be suggested.

We have a checklist to determine if fluoride treatments are right for patients:

_____ No fluoride in drinking water as a child
_____ No fluoride in drinking water now
_____ I drink filtered OR bottled water
_____ I have receding gums or history of gum disease
_____ I have multiple crowns or fillings
_____ Strong family history of dental decay
_____ Mouth feels dry
_____ I take medications that cause xerostomia (dry mouth)
_____ I breathe through my mouth
_____ Currently in orthodontic treatment
_____ I have sensitivity t5o hot, cold, or touch
_____ I use home whitening products
_____ I have limited hand dexterity
_____ Use of chewing gum, hard candy, lozenges, or breath mints between meals
_____ Visit the dentist office irregularly
_____ Currently undergoing or history of chemotherapy or radiation therapy
_____ Suffer from acid reflux (GERD)
_____ I have areas that just don’t feel clean, or trap food
_____ I’ve had dental work done in the past year
_____ Snack frequently between meals
_____ Sip on beverages throughout the day (other than water)
_____ Drink sodas or energy drinks (regular or diet)
_____ Use of tobacco products (any type)
_____ Grinding/Clenching teeth
_____ I floss less than once per day

Call Us With Questions About Topical Fluoride Treatments

Let us know how many of these issues you apply to you! With the many benefits of preventing cavities and strengthening teeth, we highly recommend fluoride treatments as part of your ongoing dental care.

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Let go of the Fear of Showing Your Teeth When You Smile

proud of smile

Research shows that your smile is the first thing noticed when you meet someone, but many people are self-conscious of their smiles. Previous consumer studies have proved that a beautiful smile will make you more attractive. But according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), research also shows a new smile will make you appear more intelligent, interesting, and successful to others as well. It makes an incredible difference in your smile when you are confident enough to show off your teeth.

You may be self-conscious due to dark filling spots, a chipped or broken tooth, or even missing teeth. Others are concerned with discoloration, or white spots. You might also have issues with undersized teeth, crowding or space issues. If you discover that you aren’t smiling as widely or whole-heartedly as you used to, you should have a candid conversation with your dentist.

Cosmetic Procedures That Can Enhance Your Smile

We have lots of options at our disposal that can make you feel great about your teeth and your smile again. Some of these issues are relatively simple fixes.

The whitening procedure is one of the quickest, safest, and most effective means to improve the color of your teeth. We can help you choose the best whitening method to suit your smile, be it over the counter options, trays, or in-office techniques. We also offer enamel microbrasion, for white or discolored spots on your teeth. For teeth that have discolored after a root canal or other trauma, we also have internal bleaching to restore tooth color.

To help with the overall appearance of your smile, we also work with composite veneer, or “chair side bonding,” as well as bonding with composite (tooth colored filling material). This can help correct issues with chipped or broken teeth, gaps or spaces in a smile, adjusting the shape or length of a tooth or even to use as a filling or help with discoloration.

Some issues might require more time in treatment and more planning, but we can create a personalized treatment plan to include veneers, bridges, crowns and implants. We also partner with the best orthodontists in Norman to offer more involved straightening procedures such as braces or Invisalign.

These treatments require an investment in yourself and your smile, which will last a long time with proper maintenance, and help you gather the confidence you need to show off your teeth when you smile. Small enhancements made by your dentist will allow you to grin without worrying about the state of your teeth. Just schedule an appointment to find out more about how we can help improve the look of your teeth. Come visit us soon to be confident in showing off your smile!

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